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Collection: Myler Bits

"The Myler Level of your horse is based on his disposition and experience. It's a graduating system, meaning that as he learns, he earns more tongue relief. As you go up in Myler Level, the correlating mouthpiece designs offer more tongue relief and apply less tongue pressure. When your horse resists the bit, go softer not harsher."
The levels are numbered 1, 22-3 and 3. Level one giving the least amount of tongue relief and 3 providing the most tongue relief.

  • Level 1 is best for a young or green horse or a horse that is challenging.
  • Level 2 is good for a young or green horse with a steady disposition or retraining an older horse after a long lapse.
  • Level 2-3 is best for a a level headed horse beginning training or an advanced horse with a challenging disposition.
  • Level 3 is best for a horse with advanced training and a good disposition or a trustworthy trail mount.
If your horse is showing resistance in one of the lower level mouthpieces it is recommended to try a higher level of tough relief.
*Information gathered from "The Level Best For Your Horse. An Introduction to the Myler Bitting System" booklet.*

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