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Meet Kathy

Hi, I’m Kathy Smith and I started Maine Horse and Rider with my family in 2012 out of a passion for horses and a desire to help fellow horse owners. I was a horse crazy kid in a non-horse family. I had two  as a youngster and like a lot of us, had to put that on hold while college, career and then children came. I didn’t return to them until my mid 30’s, taking dressage lessons once a week. I finally had my own farm again when our girls were in elementary school. It was during that time that I bred and raised Finnegan, my beloved Percheron/Thoroughbred cross, my one and only horse now. Finn and I love trail riding and dressage. He is quite a character and very sensitive. He loves to snuggle and have his ears scratched, and his lower lip gets just a bit droopier as he ages. It’s amazing the bond and connection you develop when you’ve been with a horse since the day he was born.

I feel very blessed to be involved in the horse industry that I so love and to be surrounded by people who all share the same grand passion – horses.