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Drop 'N' Slow Equine Slow Feeder Insert

Drop 'N' Slow Equine Slow Feeder Insert

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Patented Portable Equine Slow Feeder Insert Designed To Reduce Choke, Curb Bad Eating Habits and Promote Healthy Digestion in Horses 11.5x11.5x1.75 Inches - Fits 12 Inch Round Feed Tubs


  • Drop 'N' Slow is easy to use. Simply place in a round feed tub with a 12" diameter.
  • Easy to clean. Just pull out of feeder and hose or wash off and reuse again.
  • Portable design makes it easy to remove and bring to shows or clinics.


  • Durable polyethylene tough enough for the roughest horses.
  • Ridges provide proprioceptive feedback against the horse's muzzle to encourage natural foraging behavior.
  • Bumpers are designed specifically to compliment equine mouth conformation.


  • Effective with all types of grain and hard pelleted feeds.
  • Bumpers create small portions making grabbing large mouthfuls of grain difficult.
  • Stackable design allows for several Drop 'N' Slow feeders to nest neatly inside each other for minimal feed room clutter and better storage.